Snapcraft metrics have vanished as of 2023-11-25

Good morning! I check in every morning (08:00-10:00 UTC) to view my Snapcraft metrics. Today (Saturday the 25th of November, 2023) all of the territory information has disappeared and my weekly active devices over 30 days (which is longer than the snap’s lifetime) has plummeted to zero. Is there currently an issue with the metrics, a delay I should know about, or something else I’m unaware of?

Since I am a new user I can only attach one image . Here’s one demonstrative image:

This is my account, should you wish to reconcile this account to my Snapcraft account.

Best Regards


There’s a job that runs overnight. and sometimes it fails. The internal team will likely re-run it and the stats will all come back. I wouldn’t worry about it, happens about once a quarter or so


Thank you Popey :+1: