Is there a list of currently enabled ubuntu core boards by architecture and model number?

I’m sure this is an answered question, but I googled and read at least some of the Ubuntu core docs. Well as much as usual. Sorry for the noob question. I’m looking to purchase a Qotom Q330G4 at Amazon for fun and profit. I wanted to know if it’s already enabled. I will also ask Qotom if they support say core-18, but perhaps Canonical keeps a global list. Which, yes, is impossible to keep current, I realize. Thanks.


We sadly dont have such a list (perhaps we should … )

Many demo and developer images are maintained by me under:

with daily image builds from the edge and the stable channels … this contains images for:

  • KVM (the amd64 image)
  • Beaglebone Black
  • Dragonboard 410c
  • Hummingboard (i.MX6)
  • NanoPi Air (allwinner H3)
  • NanoPi Neo (same)
  • OrangePi (the old allwinner H2 one)
  • Raspberry Pi2 and Pi3
  • Sabrelite (i.MX6)

Additionally i have experimental images for the Tinkerboard (Rockchip 32bit ARM):

and the NanoPC T4 (Rockchip 3399 64bit ARM):

Looking at the QOTOM you refer to above, this seems to be just an Intel Core I3 based system, theoretically the standard amd64 image from

should just work …

To install the image to an internal disk you can follow:

@ogra ty for the answer. I’m not sure a global list scales all that well, but I thought I’d ask. My fallback position was “buy one and try it”, which itself doesn’t scale well by my bank account. Nothing ventured …

Hey! Where can find the snapcraft build config for those boards ? I am especially interested in the two i.MX6 boards.

this is pretty old core16 stuff, it will likely take some effort to update them to core20

they both use the linux-generic-bbb snap (which is very outdated).
for an up to date image you should use the armhf build of the pc-kernel snap nowadays …