Interface auto-connect request for the universal-update-utility snap (home; read: all)

Dear @reviewers, I would like to request the following interface auto-connections for according to the process for aliases, auto-connections, and tracks.

Interface Name Reasoning
(with read attribute set to all)
This utility is normally required to be run as root(to access the target USB device for flashing), and it also needs to read program scripts/resource normally stored in the user’s home directory which requires read: all to access.

Refer for an actual use case.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Lin-Buo-Ren thanks for the detailed explanation.

Since this request requires publisher vetting, @advocacy could you please perform this?


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I have a question: @Lin-Buo-Ren the publisher of the snap is a different user than yourself, if I’m not mistaken, are you requesting this on behalf of them, or on behalf of NXP?

Hey @Lin-Buo-Ren could you please provide the requested information?

Apologies for the ignorance, this request is made during the ownership transfer process of the universal-update-utility snap, when the snap’s publisher is still me and, is made on behalf the current publisher as seen in the GitHub issue discussion(whether the publisher is a member of the said NXP corp. is out of my knowledge, but they do have an e-mail address) .

Hope that answered the question of the authenticity of this request, if not, I can make an additional confirmation from the current publisher.

Thanks for the update. @emitorino what would you suggest we do process wise based on @Lin-Buo-Ren’s answer?

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@Lin-Buo-Ren is original snap contributor of uuu and transfer ownership to me (NXP). He can represent as owner for uuu snap.


@Igor: @lznuaa has confirmed @Lin-Buo-Ren is the original snap contributor so we should be OK to proceed (I could also double checked this in the collaboration section of store queue).

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+1 from me, I’ve verified @Lin-Buo-Ren as a publisher.

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+1 from me too.

+2 votes for, this is now live.

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