Interface auto-connect request for the couchdb snap

Dear @reviewers,

Apache CouchDB has stepped back up to provide snap packaging again, thanks to a significant contribution of time and effort from the community:. It’s published under ‘couchdb’ in the store.

Unfortunately, CouchDB 2.x requires two interfaces to operate properly: mount-observe, which is used by the disk compactor to know when to initiate a cleanup; and process-control, which is used by the indexer to set the priority of our JavaScript interpreter to ‘nice’. These two interfaces are required for CouchDB to run correctly.

Per the process, we are officially requesting auto-connections for these two interfaces.

mount-observe makes sense, so +1 to auto-connect.

As for process-control, snaps are already able to set positive nice values by default. Is couchdb trying to set nice to a negative value? If so, why? If process-control is not connected, is the denial fatal or does couchdb carry on?


We start an OS process within Erlang and there is some code to ensure that it is killed off if it fails to exit correctly itself. couchdb will carry on, but it may leave a zombie process running. Adding auto-connect for mount-observe is appreciated. We can monitor the logs to see if process-control is often used and whether it is needed often enough to warrant the auto-connect.

Thanks for your help.

@sklassen - thanks for the additional info.

+1 to auto-connect mount-observe

-1 to auto-connect process-control at this time

@reviewers - can others vote?

+1 on mount-observe, the stated purpose is clear and well-scoped.

+0 on process-control; I wouldn’t be opposed in principle but from what I read above the snap can do without it.

  • Daniel

2 votes for, 0 against for mount-observe. Granting auto-connect. This is now live.

0 votes for, 1 against, 1 abstained for process-control. Considering the requester’s response, not tallying (feel free to re-request at a future date).