Install application under different name

I am trying to install Discord application under two different names: discord and discord-work. snap install --help lists this option: --name. Discord is already installed under its original name. When I try to install the additional version, I am getting an error if I specify the custom name discord-work.

In summary, this is how I am trying to install the custom-named app:

sudo snap install --name=discord-work discord

and getting this error:

error: cannot use explicit name when installing from store

Is there any way to achieve my goal?


PS> I also found this post: How to install a snap application in multiple versions from multiple channels?. It looks like parallel installations are not supported. Still, I hope someone can point out some workarounds.

Parallel installations is still an experimental feature but it works pretty well, you’d use it like this

sudo snap set system experimental.parallel-instances=true
sudo snap install discord_work

You could then access the work instance as discord_work.discord, you might want to use snap alias to make the name easier to remember

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I did set parallel instances but I couldn’t realise I was supposed to use underscore :slight_smile: Thanks. It’s working now.