How to install a snap application in multiple versions from multiple channels?

I want to install the blender snap in multiple versions:

  • from edge channel
  • from stable channel

is it possible?

this is not supported at the moment, it’s in our The snapd roadmap under “parallel installs”, we don’t have a timeline for it yet though

currently not, while you can easily switch between channels (or tracks if the snap maintainer uses them), you can currently only have one version of a snap installed, but AFAIK it is being worked on to support this …

Has this situation changed? Is there a way to install more than one channel for a given snap? For me I’m trying to install both Firefox stable and Firefox edge.



sudo snap install firefox firefox_trunk
sudo snap refresh firefox_trunk --edge

Yes indeed, I use this to have firefox installed from the stable, beta and edge (nightly) channels at the same time. It is a bit unpractical that one has to install from stable first before switching the parallel install to a different channel, but it otherwise works well.

Note that there is also a known bug in how snapd installs desktop files for each install, meaning that only the first one with the canonical name will have its icon matched in the GNOME application dock. Not a flawless user experience, but good enough and very convenient for testing several versions in parallel.