I maintain TPaw's Snaps


Hello! I couldn’t see any welcome thread and my snaps seem to be getting noticed - big time - so I thought I’d just make this thread.

I’m the maintainer TPaw’s Snaps, such as Blender, Electrum, ect…, and founder of TPaw itself. I’m honored and excited to see such support and sorry if it seems like I’ve neglected my snaps. When I first submitted them, I wasn’t expecting them to get this much attention. I don’t have a full install of Ubuntu, nor do I have it duel-booted, due to issues Intel’s wireless hardware. Which is why updates have been a little slow and rather outdated now. In the meantime, I have a VM setup to continue to maintain and test my Snaps.

If you want to discuss them on this thread, that’s fine. Just felt like it’d appropriate to introduce myself given the spotlight.


Welcome! Thank you for making the snaps :slight_smile:

Did you consider using build.snapcraft.io for automatic build and publishing?


You’re welcome!

I just recently tripped upon the automatic build after visiting this forum. The automatic build expects only one YAML file but my repository contains multiple for each app.


Hey Tomas, welcome indeed!

May I suggest creating a topic for each snap (perhaps with some spacing to give you time) in the #snap category?

This will give people a nice place to get in touch with you here and ask questions about the particular snaps. I have one topic already open there about that sound issue, but having a more general topic will give people an easy way in.

Then, please let us know if there’s anything we can do for you.


Thank you. Still getting familiar with things. So forgive me.

I manged to get the most recent release Ubuntu on my laptop with none of the wireless headaches I got with past releases. So I’ll be able to maintain these more frequently now.


Hello @tomascw!

I recently built the electrum snap from source, and proposed it upstream:

It would be great if you could comment there about your experience maintaining the electrum snap.