Getting pulseaudio to work with Blender

This weekend I spent some time using the blender snap from Tomas (blender-tpaw). It was delightful to find an up-to-date Blender snap so easily available. The only thing I could not get to work was sound. It uses openal, which attempts to access the /etc/openal/alsoft.conf file and fails. Installing it in devmode fixes that problem, but still errors out with /dev/dsp not readable. This can then be fixed by adding the “drivers = pulse” audio in that configuration file. Then, no more errors or denials, but no sound either. I did a few other random attempts such as trying to get the right cookies in the proper locations, but no luck.

Would anyone have an idea of how to make Blender and openal happy?

@morphis I’ve heard you have some experience getting pulseaudio to work on snaps? Any ideas here?

I’ve filed an issue in the respective snap project in GitHub to open a conversation with Tomas as well.

@kyrofa Have you used a Blender snap for your series?

No, the deb was used for the series.

I can have a look and will post what I find.

@kyrofa What!? How come! :grin:

@morphis Thank you!

Because I heard there were issues with the blender snap :wink: .

We forgive you for not trying and addressing the issues, but only because the series is so good. :smile:

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