Human Review Required for audio-playback and audio-record plugin cluemaster-mediadisplay-core

Hi everyone. We have a fairly simple app using PyQt5 that we have uploaded to the Snapcraft store. We updated the app recently and we are getting this error when uploading the revision to the store

human review required due to 'deny-connection' constraint (on-classic) declaration-snap-v2_slots_connection (audio-playback, audio-playback)
human review required due to 'deny-connection' constraint (on-classic) declaration-snap-v2_slots_connection (audio-record, audio-record)

When we updated the app, we thought of adding an independent audio system so that we didn’t have to install pulseaudio separately (for its plugs and the services ) from the store and used the pulse-server developer by @ogra to achieve it. Here is the pulse-server:

And here is the snapcrafr.yaml of cluemaster-mediadisplay-core:

Please let me know if there is something we need to update in the snapcraft.yaml. Edit: Revision which requires approval is 32

Thanks in advance

Hi. Its been a day. Please any @reviewers, let me know if we have to update anything from our side. Thanks

Most folk working at Canonical are on a break due to the holiday period. I suspect they’ll be working again from Monday or Tuesday (depending on whether Monday is a public holiday in their individual locations - they all work from home, so each employee has different public holidays :slight_smile: )

Hi. Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the info. I will keep monitoring this post.

Hi @hiran_sarkar - can you explain more why you don’t want to use the pulseaudio snap which already exists in the store for this purpose? Thanks.

Hi @alexmurray. Thanks for the response. The main reason we didn’t want to use pulseaudio from the store in this snap is because this snap will be used by our business customers only so we wanted this to be a plug-and-play snap, and we decided to go for an independent audio system.

We also wanted the feature of prioritizing HDMI audio and video output over any other option available, so we went for the latest version of pulseaudio and manually built it because the stable version of pulseaudio available in the store was last updated in 2017.

Edit: This is an Ubuntu core snap and core doesn’t have built-in pulseaudio, we need to manually install it to get audio output, in order to avoid these steps of creating SSH keys, connecting to the device and then manually installing pulseaudio and then connecting the plugs by our customers, we wanted our snap to have an independent built-in audio system.

Hi @alexmurray. Let me know if you need any more information on the snap. Thanks in advance

Thanks @hiran_sarkar - so since this is for Ubuntu Core and hence is more appliance specific I think this request is fine. However, the audio-record slot itself is basically a no-op - as explained in a previous thread it exists so that the pulseaudio snap itself (when granted the ability to slot this interface) can mediate access to audio-recording via pulseaudio - so for your snap, I don’t think this is required as you are not expecting to act as a the pulseaudio server for other snaps to connect to (unlike say the pulseaudio snap itself).

As such, you should only need to slot audio-playback - can you please verify that your use-case still works without slotting audio-record?

Also can you confirm that your snap is not expected to be installed alongside other snaps which would want to use audio (since in this case as your snap is owning the pulseaudio socket I don’t think the regular pulseaudio snap would be able to be installed and run alongside your snap at the same time)?

(Given this, I wonder if a custom brand store would be more appropriate for your snap and use-cases rather than using the global store as this would give you more control over these things directly.)

Hello @alexmurray . Thanks for responding. I’m the business owner of ClueMaster and @hiran_sarkar is my snap dev for us.

Yes, we don’t use audio-record at this time so we won’t need it for now. It would be really nice in the future if we could use it as I have plans to add 2-way walkie talkie to the software on core that would communicate to our customer web console. But that won’t be until a year + later on, so were good with no record. We just need audio playback in our snap since it acts like a kiosk where the customer play sounds, alerts, and video for customers in escape rooms.

I can confirm that this is the only snap that will be installed on a CORE os device, hence why we needed to add the audio support inside our app so we could do things like volume control, input control, muting, etc in the future from our web API that our snap talks to.

I would love to have a custom brand store, but I’m just a small startup business with 1 dev and I can’t afford it. Maybe in the future, once we get lots of customer subscriptions, but no way possible now unless we could get set up with a free brand store or something limited. I did suggest that to your sales team when we discussed it.

Thank you again for your help and consideration to approve our request for our business snap.

Hi @alexmurray. Thanks for the reply, Give me sometime. Let me check if the snap is working without the audio-record, if yes then I will upload the new version and update you here.

Hi @alexmurray. We have conformed, the snap works fine without audio-record plug and slot. We have rebuilded the snap without audio-record and is uploading as revision 34. I am rejecting and removing the previous version from the review queue.

Revision 34 Version 1.0.21 is up for manual review. I have removed the audio-record plug and slot. Thanks

Hi @alexmurray. Let me know if you need anything more from our side to approve the snap. Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the additional info - since the snap intended only for Ubuntu Core and does not install or use the pulseaudio snap, there is not conflict in this case with 2 snaps slotting audio-playback. As such, +1 from me to grant audio-playback slot for cluemaster-mediadisplay-core.

Thanks @alexmurray. Can other @reviewers please vote?

We need only one more vote. Please @reviewers please vote. Let me know if you need any additional information.

Hey @hiran_sarkar, apologize for the delay.

Since it was confirmed that this is the only snap that will be installed on a Ubuntu Core device (and thus there won’t be conflicts with pulsaudio) I am +1 as well to allow audio-playback to cluemaster-mediadisplay-core. +2 votes for, 0 votes against. Granting auto-connection of audio-playback to cluemaster-mediadisplay-core. This is now live.

@emitorino Thanks for your vote. Have a nice day

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