Human review required for snap cluemaster-videoplayer-core & Auto Connect Requests

Hello @review-team.

Requesting human review for our new snap “cluemaster-videoplayer-core” which is based on our other snap cluemaster-mediadisplay-core. This custom software is not for public installation, but instead, we install and control our own Ubuntu CORE devices for businesses. This new app is the same plugs for ASLA, Ubuntu-Frame, hardware-observe, audio-playback, etc. and we also include our own version of pulse-server designed for CORE os and our software.

AutoConnect Requested for:





We are requesting AutoConnect to add ‘hardware-observe’ and ‘alsa’ auto connections to our “cluemaster-videoplayer-core” snap application that runs only on CORE os with ubuntu-frame and has audio output needs on CORE. This is a standalone core os device that is tightly integrated into our B2B software. ClueMaster VideoPlayer

Our app has audio needs, so we integrated @Ogra 's latest pulse-server code into our application so we could have full audio sound control without the need for loading the older PulseAudio snap that is years old, has problems with HDMI audio, and is separate so we can not control outputs on core os. To make the latest pulse-server code work inside of our snap, we require two auto connections, the ‘hardware-observe’ and the ‘alsa’, so the pulse-server code and see and identify audio hardware and send audio to HDMI outputs.

Our application needs the ability to reboot/shutdown the custom pc the snap runs on, as this function is built into our web software as a remote control command. (turn off when you go home, restart for video playback issues, etc.) We run the dbus command to do the reboot/shutdown.

Our website is and you can see details of our applications here.

Thank you for considering our request.

Similarly to the rationale given in the historic thread for your other snap (Human Review Required for audio-playback and audio-record plugin cluemaster-mediadisplay-core) - +1 from me for granting the ability to slot audio-playback for cluemaster-videoplayer-core as you are shipping your own pulse-server and managing these Ubuntu Core devices yourselves.

Regarding alsa and hardware-observe this also makes sense given this use case, so +1 from me for auto-connect of alsa and hardware-observe for the purposes of audio playback.

Finally, regarding shutdown - as you intend to control these Ubuntu Core devices this also seems reasonable, so +1 from me for auto-connect of shutdown.

One thing I should ask however, have you considered a dedicated snap store for your devices? This would allow you to control what gets auto-connected etc, particularly since you said this snap is not intended for public installation.

After reading through the previous thread also, I agree with the ability to slot audio-playback. +1

shutdown seems reasonable for the reasons above. +1.

Finally +1 to hardware-observe and alsa also.

Thank you @alexmurray @dclane @review-team . The snap is still pending review. Do we need to do anything else to get that released and add the auto connections?


No, you do not need to do anything else. At the end of the 7 day review period defined here: Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks, we will action the request. Monday :slight_smile:

shutdown +2 votes for, 0 against.

audio-playback slot +2 votes for, 0 against.

alsa +2 votes for, 0 against.

hardware-observe +2 votes for, 0 against.

Granting these auto-connects for cluemaster-videoplayer-core. This is now live.

Thank you all so much!