[Help] Lost user data with update


I used this command to restore the previous state: sudo snap revert thunderbird But how can I update this snap to the new version? The old version has an annoying bug.

Hi :wave:,

I’m new with snap, so hopefully, this is not a stupid mistake by myself. Today, I’ve updated Thunderbird from version 78.xxx to version 91.xxx. Apparently, I lost all my user data in this process. :hot_face:

I used this command to update the snap: sudo snap refresh thunderbird --candidate

From the documentation I understand that this is just an update and not a fresh installation. Why did snap purge my user data? Is it possible to get it back? :grimacing:

The refresh command updates the specified snaps, or all snaps in the system if none are specified.

With no further options, the snaps are refreshed to the current revision of the channel they’re tracking, preserving their confinement options.

Thanks, Mark

Hi Mark, sounds like the same problem as I observe and posted Update issue with snap, applications having user (default) profiles - without a solution so far; only “dirty” workaround…

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Thanks a lot! This helped me to fix my problem.

What I did:

In this file: ~/snap/thunderbird/common/.thunderbird/profiles.ini I changed the Default attribute to the name of the folder which holds my user data (the folder with the biggest size):

Default=xxx.default <-- was xxx.default-release before

The weird thing is that this did not change with the update. This file had the same content before and after the update. If anybody knows why this now works please let me know. :smile: