Hashicorp's vault v0.8.3 released to the store, now under snapcrafters!


We have been testing hashicorp’s vault, a tool to manage secrets, for a long time. This was one of my first snaps, and now it’s time to let jump to its next step.

We transfered vault to the snapcrafters team, where anybody is welcome to participate and help us maintaining it. If you are interested, just let us know and we’ll help you getting started.

Along with this changes, we have just released a new stable version: if you run sudo snap install vault you will now get v0.8.3, the latest upstream release. And as usual, if you run sudo snap install vault --edge you will get the latest changes from the upstream master repo.

We also started using https://build.snapcraft.io to build and release the snap, which means that now we have builds for i386 and armhf. They are only in edge for now, because we need to test them more before pushing them to stable. If you have a device of one of these architectures, like a raspberry pi, please give it a try and let us now how it goes.

I’m so happy to see it in gnome software… We have come a looong way :slight_smile: