Call for testing: vault


Here’s one more snap specially packaged for you :slight_smile:

Vault is a tool to manage secrets in a secure way. So all the confinement properties that Ubuntu and snaps provide make it a perfect match. It’s developed by Hashicorp, an amazing free software company that builds a cool set of tools for server infrastructure. So our interest with vault is to get it into the Ubuntu store with a flawless release process, in order to get all the other hashicorp tools following it.

Vault version 0.7 is in the stable channel, so you can get it with:

$ sudo snap install vault

version 0.7.1 is in the candidate channel:

$ sudo snap install vault --candidate

Here is the guide to get started testing:

You will notice that it only documents tests for the dev server. One very important thing to try before release is the server in a more real environment. And many more things to try can be found on the website docs:

Also, just as we did with IPFS, it’s very important to test the update process. After installing from the stable channel:

$ sudo snap refresh vault --candidate

As usual, please let me know how it goes. And if you have questions about vault or snaps, here is also a good place to ask.

Thanks! pura vida.

(This call for testing started in the mailing list a couple of months ago, updated now for version 0.7.1)


I have followed the first part of the instructions and this is the vault version:

luca@luca-ThinkPad-X220:~$ vault version
Vault v0.7.1 (cgo)


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v0.7.2 is now in the candidate channel.

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And now, 0.7.3 is in candidate. Remember here are the tests. Have fun and report your findings.

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I don’t have AWS so can only test up to ‘Unmount a backend’, I hope someone can test further. Thanks for writing manual tests, means I don’t need to be familiar with software to test it. Am testing on a Lenovo ThinkPad X201 running Ubuntu 17.04 with snapd 2.26.4:

Stable - 0.7 (revision 28) - passes
Upgrading to Candidate - downloads 24.82 MB, are delta upgrades not working (either that or they’re not particularly effective, the 0.7.0 snap is 10MB, the 0.7.2 snap is 26MB according to snap info vault, so the delta upgrades has only shaved off 1MB of the upgrade?)?
Candidate - 0.7.2 (revision 76) - passes - though you said 0.7.3 is in candidate, which isn’t the case
Upgrading to Beta - downloads 27.16 MB, delta upgrades still not working? 0.7.3 is reported to be 28 MB.
Beta - 0.7.3 (revision 105) - passes
Upgrading to Edge - downloads 27.26 MB. master is reported to be 28 MB.
Edge - master (revision 107) - passes


Thanks for testing @Ads20000!

I forgot moving 0.7.3 from beta to candidate. That’s done now, nice catch.

I’m not sure about deltas. Here’s some information from @thomir, where he mentions that xdelta3 is not very good with go, so maybe this is expected

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Is the source code available?