GSequencer needs manual review confinement: next-generation

Does the review need any special action?


I don’t believe there is any such confinement called next-generation. Did you get this from documentation somewhere?

it is not official so you have to put it within passthrough. I use layout in order to be able to access resources like hydrogen drumkits or Soundfont2 files. These files are stored in:

/usr/share/hydrogen /usr/share/sounds

Currently I include hydrogen-drumkits and fluid-soundfont-gm/fluid-soundfont-gs in my snap. Without layout I can’t access the /usr subdirectory.

But as using it I am able to open the provided wav, flac and sf2 files located in /usr subdirectory. Else I would get permession denied within GtkFileChooserDialog.

Since the confinement: next-generation is within passthrough, too. It just uses confinement: strict.

No special action is needed. The revisions are put in a queue and people look at them. I did just now.

thank you @jdstrand for taking action.

Didn’t you miss the amd64 architecture, it was built from the very same source as i386.

The review wasn’t complete yet. It is done now.

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