GitKraken not launching after snap install


My Problem is that GitKraken is not launching on my tiny Laptop (Lenovo 120s). The Software doesn’t throw an error when launched in a Terminal… I tried everything… I removed the snap, I deleted all the cached files from snapd, I removed the gitkraken folder from ~/snap/ . After the reinstall it’s remaining the same. It is launching on my main rig somehow… They are both on the exact same fedora version (30) and both up-to-date. The rig has a big Quadro Card and proprietary Nvidia drivers and two 1080p screens. The tiny laptop has just intel graphics and a 1366x768px screen, maybe it’s related to that…
Please help me fix this, i really need that tool…


Maybe a way to verbose-launch a snap would be great, so i can see whats wrong… :smiley:


snap run --strace= <snapname>

There are a few other options, which you can see with

snap help run

Hope that helps.

That is the output if I run it with --strace= argument:

sudo snap run --strace= gitkraken
/var/lib/snapd/snap/strace-static/current/bin/strace: Unexpected wait status 0x8b
error: exit status 1

OKAY, i did a bit of research and i think i found the Problem. It seems like Gitkraken is not working on wayland, it’s x11 only which sounds to me like a mistake. Does anybody know how to report that error to these guys? Are there any Gitkraken snap maintainers in this forum which i can contact?
Thx btw. @jsseidel

There’s contact information in both the store page and snap info gitkraken output. However, I’d suggest you try a different approach than “not supporting $MY_PREFERRED_TECH is a joke” if you’re interested in getting a positive response more than in some sort of purity score.

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@chipaca Yep already tried that, but they answer with an automated mail that if you are not a “pro” user there is likely no chance that they will be answering your request. I already found now @mmtrt who is the man that released the snap here and has all the knowlege :smiley:

At least you know what’s wrong :slight_smile:

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In the interim, this works