First steps to consistency between and the rest of

Hello! Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I’m the lead designer for, and now I have a bigger project: making a more cohesive whole.

Right now, I count seven pages, groups of pages, or Web apps, that users would reasonably perceive or predict to be part of (Discourse won’t let me link them)

And right now, if you flip through them, they look like this:

That’s … not so great.

It will take a while to come up with a design that works for all the sections (for example, retaining the search function for the forum). In the meantime, though, there are a couple of quick ways that the forum could become more consistent with the other sections:

Who could help me out with these, and where is the code for this forum instance?


I think @niemeyer is who you want for those header changes.

I have to ask though, isn’t tutorials an Ubuntu thing more than a one? Given the url and such.

Thanks. For the tutorials, the short answer is that no URL should permanently prevent us from fixing inconsistency. I’d be happy to give a longer answer in a separate thread.

I’ve taken you out of the New User trust level, so you should be able to link all the content as you wish above.

It was already requested and already replied to. :slight_smile: Please feel free to participate in the conversation there.

Will do!

welcome @mpt! It’s great to hear about this work.

Will this forum get an issue tracker? This thread doubly demonstrates the drawback of using the forum itself to report bugs: they get buried.

If I had learned the answer to this, I could have submitted a fix.


I don’t know if @niemeyer would’ve got pinged so he can have a ping…