Using the current logo

Could we update to use the current logo in the header?

That looks like the one we have above?

The blocks aren’t part of the logo though. Put another way: can we drop the blocks?

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That means we’ll have an empty blank space on a number of places where today we have a nice image. I’d prefer to replace it by something even nicer instead.

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Well you could use the current ‘S’ logo but you’d have to stop that from coming up next to ‘’ somehow?

I also favor ‘S’ logo a bit more, ps: what tools you guys use to design a logo? Photoshop, sothink, DesignEvo online logo maker or others? I want to read some advice from you guys as I’m about to create a logo for my personal blog.

I actually really like this logo. It should be improved… (That is where I got it from, and I was the snappy skeptic…)

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But for whatever reason it clearly got dropped in favour of a plain S…

We’re working on a new logo that better embodies the Snapcraft brand. The plain S is a placeholder, but I’ll let you all know once we have the new one ready.


A fifth logo! Hopefully this one will be the final one! :joy: :wink:
I guess it’s something worth spending time on, good luck! :slight_smile:

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It will be the one that replaces the other four :wink:

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