Firefox - removable-media interface auto connect request


I tried to upload a photo from a CD (yes, a CD) to social media today, and it failed because Firefox doesn’t have removable-media auto-connected in the store. I used snap connect firefox:removable-media and tried again, and it worked (without a browser restart - yay).

Can we please have a store assertion for Firefox, so it auto-connects?

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Firefox: access to /mnt

Ah, thanks for requesting this!


This has my vote and this is a verbose message because gee, forum doesn’t like a short



Thanks for filing this issue! Per, this should be fixed on the beta track. Could tell me whether it’s the case for you @popey ? If so, this will be on the release track by the end of the month.


I’m running the stable release of firefox (60.0.2-1) which seems to already have removable-media specified, but it’s not an auto-connecting interface. Once you (as a user) manually connect it, everything is fab and groovy. This forum post is to ask the snap store team to auto-connect it, so users don’t have to. That’s all :slight_smile:


Ah yeah, that’s correct. I read the times wrong on the bugzilla bug. Thank you for the clarification :slight_smile:


I have mixed feelings about the auto-connection. I understand the use case, but it also doesn’t seem unreasonable for the interface to be manually connected. IIRC, firefox uses gtk3 on Linux; does that mean it can be made to work with portals?


Ping (I’m waiting to vote based on this)


Ping @kenvandine / @jamesh for that question I think.


In the long run, portals would be the answer. I don’t think we’ve yet got everything in place so that Mozilla could rely on portals being available though: we don’t have the host side packages backported to 16.04 yet, and they aren’t installed by default on 18.04.

So I’m not sure if that’s enough to reject the request if it is causing pain right now.


I’m ambivalent about granting this and would like to hear other’s views before voting. @reviewers - can some of you vote on this?


I can’t pretend that requiring a user to know about and know how to connect an interface in order to do something is ideal, but I don’t think that’s a reason to start automatically connecting interfaces for everyone, particularly given that we’re moving towards portals. I’m a -1 on this.


-1 for auto-connection at this time. If there is an influx of bug reports on this, we can revisit.

0 votes for, 2 against. Not granting the auto-connection.