Opera snap does not recognize this ffmpeg-codecs. Therefore, it is not possible to view Amazon prime or Netflix. It is not possible to connect the libffmpeg.so to the lib directory in /snap, which is read only.
Kindly correct this anomaly.
Thanks in advance

I think there is some confusion here.

The current version of the Opera snap (63.0.3368.94) does recognize the current revision of chromium-ffmpeg, and is auto-connected upon installation. I just tested that it allows to successfully decode an H264 video in the browser. Conversely, after disconnecting the interface the video cannot be played back.

The chromium-ffmpeg content snap doesn’t contain the Widevine CDM library, which is what is needed to watch DRM-encrypted media streams such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. I am not sure whether loading the CDM from outside the snap is supported by Opera, you should contact them to ask.

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Chromium-ffmpeg content was last updated in June 2019 it seems. Perhaps, it may the problem? Unless this works, there can be no solution for viewing Netflix in Opera Snap. BTW, I tried connecting chromium-ffmpeg-extras (deb) with Opera Snap (in /snap) folder. /snap/opera is read only :frowning: So, no use trying Can you guide me where to report it? Where to Chromium-ffmpeg snap or Opera snap?

I updated chromium-ffmpeg yesterday. Regardless, let me restate: chromium-ffmpeg is not sufficient to view Netflix in opera. You will also need the widevine CDM library, but I don’t know whether Opera provides a way to side-load it with the snap. You should ask about that on the Opera forums.

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Oh? I get it. I got that chromium-ffmpeg-extras is important for viewing Netflix because I just copied/symlinked the libffmpeg.so in the above package (deb) with lib-gnu-x86/opera/ folder and I could view netflix. Hence, I thought update the above package will do. I interesting I could not try any other way because /snap/opera folder is read only :frowning: Whether it is opera snap or canonical, someone should make netflix work in opera snap :wink: Let’s hope so. :slight_smile: Thanks for you prompt reply/action. Regards and wishes