Fedora 30 base snap

Similarly to Fedora 29 base snap we would like to publish and upload Fedora 30 base snap. The snap is built from unmodified binary RPMs from Fedora 30 repositories using the tools from this repository: https://github.com/bboozzoo/snap-fedora-base which initially developed by @zyga and later updated by me.

The fedora30 name has been registered by @zyga already. So the problem right now is being able to publish the snap without the need for a manual review with each upload.

(cc @jdstrand)

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+1 from me based on existing store rules.

Before voting this, I want to organize our thoughts from the sprint (see Base runtime freedesktop-sdk-runtime-19-08 for a little more context).

Ideally I’d like to work with this along with Base runtime freedesktop-sdk-runtime-19-08, which is first up next cycle. Is that timeframe ok for this snap?