Fedora 29 base snap

I’d like to formally request right to upload and publish the Fedora 29 base snap.
The snap will be co-maintained by @Conan_Kudo.

The snap is built out of the following git repository: https://gitlab.com/zygoon/fedora29 and uses unmodified binary RPMs from the Fedora archive (with the exception of fedora-os-release which we are working on fixing).

We are aware of the ABI stability requirement and security updates.

The plan is to make the base snap beta until Fedora 29 is in development and ship it to stable after f29 is released (2018-10-30) after which we plan to follow up with periodic release every time the (extremely small) set of shipped packages gets a security update or other update that would warrant inclusion.

CC @jdstrand please let me know if I need any other permissions to be able to upload the snap without a manual review each time.

The ability to use base snaps is not (currently) expressed as part of a snap declaration, so an override needs to be added to the review-tools themselves. I’ve done this just now.

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