Desktop App support - Qt

Snapping Qt applications

Use the following guides to create a new snap for a graphical application which uses Qt. These guides use the stable Qt versions which are shipped with Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 LTS and are recommended for most applications and new snaps.

[legacy] snaps that don’t use base

If you have an existing snap that does not use the base functionality, please use the following guide.

Snapping KDE applications

The KDE community has developed tools to help them snap the KDE applications. These applications require the latest version of Qt and the KDE frameworks which are not provided by Ubuntu LTS. Use the following guide to snap a KDE application using the latest libraries.

Note: this method is not recommended for regular Qt applications, as it is specifically tailored towards KDE applications.


I’ve splitted the article to move out the legacy stuff and update the info, please review. In the future I plan to split integration material by their major version Qt4/Qt5/Gtk2/Gtk3 to make it easier to maintain.