Desktop App support - Qt (for snaps without bases)

Snaps without specifying base snap is now a deprecated practice, publishers are advised to migrate to the syntax with the base property set as soon as possible

Graphical applications which use the Qt require additional libraries and environment configuration to function correctly inside a snap.

The details have been collected into a remote part, which can be included in any snap at build time.

Qt4 based applications should use the desktop-qt4 remote part. Qt5 applications should reference the desktop-qt5 part.

In this snippet the remote part is referenced in an after section.

        after: [desktop-qt5]

In addition the launcher script which sets up the environment should prefix the binary name in the apps section. Typically it’s also necessary to specify the full path to the target binary after the launcher.

   command: desktop-launch $SNAP/usr/bin/audiocoder-qt
       plugs: [network, desktop, desktop-legacy]

These pre-defined parts do not automatically pull in all necessary Qt libraries, but the minimum required by most applications.

The developer is expected to list any further libraries as stage-packages or additional parts.