Create 2.7 track for maas

Store URLs: and, snap id shY22YTZ3RhJJDOj0MfmShTNZTEb1Jiq

Please could you create a 2.7 track with a guard-rail regex of 2\.7\..*?

MAAS releases a new major version (2.5, 2.6, 2.7…) approximately every 6 months, and the snap is maintained by the upstream at Canonical (we are looking to use it as the primary delivery mechanism soon). We already maintain parallel versions of MAAS and since we’re shipped in the Ubuntu archive, older versions of MAAS are maintained as per Ubuntu’s support policy.

Additionally, MAAS can “bootstrap” one of the machines under it’s control to become a “rack controller” which is part of the control plane, currently it installs the snap from latest/stable channel. We want to use tracks so that each MAAS region controller can install the corresponding major version of the snap for the rack controller.

+1 from me, the release cadence is reasonable, the major version semantics are also a good fit for tracks and the supported version policy has a clear need for tracks.

Typical 7-day waiting period applies since I couldn’t find any existing tracks for maas.

(+1 on the guard-rail regex :slight_smile: )


Any other @reviewers have input? We’re coming up on 7 days…

+1 from me too.

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Hey, given +2 votes from reviewers and since the 7-day comment period is over, I’ve created this track.

Note the given regex will allow a version like “2.7.” which may not be desired, but in any case, it will guardrail this to a 2.7 prefix which is probably what you intended.

  • Daniel
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