3.0 tracks for maas and maas-test-db

Could you please create the following tracks:

  • 3.0 track for the with a guard-rail regex of 3\.0\..* for the maas snap.
  • 3.0 track (with no guard-rail regexp) for the maas-test-db snap.

For the same rationale given in 2.7 track for MAAS.

You may recall that we requested 2.10 tracks last week. Those can be removed (or renamed). They shouldn’t have any revisions in them. The original plan was that the next MAAS release was to be 2.10.0, but it has now been decided that it should be 3.0.0. Sorry about that.

Store URLs:


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Hi there,

+1 from me as reviewer and the 3.0 tracks are now available as requested.


  • Daniel