Core22: is `libdrm` there to stay?

Hi all,

Working on a revision of for base: core22 I realized that libdrm is a part of the base snap now:

$ snap info core22
# ...
tracking:     latest/stable
# ...
installed:          20230210            (522) 76MB base

$ sudo find /snap/core22/current/ -type f,l -wholename '*drm*'
# ...

I can see the likely reason is the addition of plymouth - but can we rely on libdrm staying there? Is there anywhere I can confirm that’s going to stay?

cc: @abeato

I believe splash as provided by gadgets & core, are now a stable feature of the Ubuntu Core product, and thus yes, it is here to stay.

Rigth, libdrm will be included now that we include plymouth. And if that changes in the future, it will be in a new base different from core22.

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