Clip Studio Paint

It would be great if Clip Studio Paint would be available via Snap (as great as making the Affinity products available :wink: ).

There are different versions for different languages:

But I guess having the app available in english would be more than sufficient :wink:

Clip Studio Paint can be used as a trial version and a license can be added within that. So people can test it and also use it productively.

WineHQ says that the app has gold status. There are also people showing videos how it performs in wine (i.e. here) but then again there are also people claiming that itโ€™s not working in recent Linux versions.

It seems that Clip Studio Paint version 1.6.2 worked for everyone, though.

There are also setup videos like this with blog posts like this and some people claim itโ€™s working and some claim itโ€™s not. :man_shrugging: Also some are using wine with/without winetricks, some are using Lutrisโ€ฆ so this could also be a reason for these different user experiences I guess?

PS: Keep in mind that network access would be necessary for getting assets and license info

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I also hope clip studio paint is available via Snap in the future. It seems clip studio paint is an affordable yet powerful digital painting software. many website recommend it.