Affinity Photo snap would be a dream come true

Seems it’s now possible to run Affinity Photo with Wine + a bit of tweaking :star_struck: Having it as a snap would be amazing. Anyone up for it?


For anyone stumbling over this:

there are also corresponding threads in the official Affinity forums (i.e. here, here, here, here, here, here or here).

As you can see, people are requesting this a lot.

And Wine compatibility seem to be given, since users are using it with manual Wine setups (i.e. here and here).

Keep in mind in case you’re looking for the INSTALL_URL for these apps, you can not take the URLs from homebrew definitions (affinity-photo.rb and affinity-designer.rb), since these are just for OSX.

The correct URLs are

Affinity Designer (source, 2):
Affinity Photo (source):
Affinity Publisher:

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If you check out the rest of the thread, it does not actually seem to be working reliably. The other thread where it is working is using WinApps, which uses a virtual machine, and it likely needs to be one with graphic acceleration. So no, unless you replicated the post about doing it on wine, there is not gonna be a snap anytime soon.

It sure would be. I wonder if Wine 6.1 helps any now that it’s out.

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