Classic confinement request: miriway

Miriway is a (Wayland/Mir based) desktop environment.

Desktop environments need to launch applications, including non-snap applications. And are a category for which classic confinement may be granted.

Hello @alan_g, can you explain in which classic category would Miriway fit in?

category: shells (which includes desktop environments)

Hello @alan_g, I think a desktop environment is broader than a shell. @pedronis , what is your thought about this?

I don’t want to start a digression into the difference between shells and desktop environments, but there are shells which are not desktop environments (e.g. command-line shells).

In any case, Miriway is a graphical shell with window management, a launcher, a background and a status bar. (Sorry if calling that a desktop environment is causing dissonance)

The category is “terminal emulators, multiplexers and shells”, my understanding is that shells there means command-line shells.

I understand the way graphical shells are similar and different to those. But the main difference is one of audiences. So probably graphical shells need their own separate discussion.

OK, where should we discuss this?