Request for classic confinement: mate-wayland


I’m trying to publish mate-wayland. It is a demo of the work I’ve done porting the MATE desktop to Wayland with MIr. The snap is meant to function as a full desktop environment, so it needs to be able to run all the apps installed on the system, not just the software in the snap. For this, it requires classic confinement.


@Wimpress ping. Also, this is currently broken but should get you started:


See Can't run snap commands in Konsole on Plasma snap for my problems running apps even on the devmode Plasma snap, have you managed to get it working on devmode on MATE?! :slight_smile:


@Ads20000 as you can read in the comments on your post, a confined snap has limited access to the system. A classic snap has wider access to the system and that’s why classic confinement is being requested here. (devmode is not equivalent to classic confinement.)

You can see the same difference with egmde (a classic snap) compared with egmde-confined-desktop (a confined snap).


I realise I am slightly biased on this topic, but I’m :+1: for granting classic for this snap. It is not currently possible to launch arbitrary applications when a snap is strictly confined, and this is a central feature of a desktop shell and the mate-panel in particular.

Having spoken with @wmww, @alan_g and @jamesh we are all in agreement that this snap will transition to classic confinement as snapd offers interfaces/facilities to support the launching of arbitrary applications.

Can I request the other @reviewers take a look at this and share their thoughts?