Classic confinement request for Ubuntu MATE Welcome and Software Boutique

Yep, I understood the point you’re making. Sorry my reply didn’t make that clear. Hopefully I’ll have some time at the weekend to experiment with this.

I’ve not had the time to test these applications using strictly confinement yet, it is on my TODO list but I have limited time right now.

@jdstrand @evan Are these applications to be granted classic confinement so we can transition to the snaps or should we continue with the debs?

I’m waiting for @niemeyer to comment before granting classic.

@jdstrand I think we can open an exception for classic confinement for that sort of application, with the following rationale:

  1. These are image frontend applications, which means they are being shipped in the image itself by the image builders
  2. The particular image (the Linux distribution or flavor) needs to have a visible community behind it that would justify the snap to be publicly available
  3. The snap name, summary, and description need to clearly describe that use case, so people wouldn’t risk installing it without intending to

On that last point, I see a pattern of <distro name>-welcome for this sort of snap on the two requests we got. It sounds like a good one. As a detail, one of those has the “ubuntu-” prefix, while the other doesn’t. Can we agree on doing one or the other consistently?

(cc @bashfulrobot)


@niemeyer Thanks for the comments.

@bashfulrobot Can I suggest you name the budgie-welcome snap as ubuntu-budgie-welcome, since it is intended to be a distro specific application, right?

We already have some guards around how Ubuntu MATE Welcome behaves when run on something other than Ubuntu MATE, those need expanding slightly in the snap to cater for the case where is may be installed on a non-Ubuntu distro.

Hi @Wimpress - we can rename. It makes sense. We are planning on adding some checks and balances in the app itself for distro specifics. But that will likely come post 18.04 (unless we can squeeze it in).

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This makes sense to me. I’ll capture your criteria in the ‘process’ topic.

@Wimpress - are you planning to rename software-boutique to ubuntu-software-boutique?

FYI, I was about to approve ‘ubuntu-mate-welcome’ but it doesn’t appear to be in the store yet. Please respond here whenever its ready for review.

Done: Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps

@niemeyer - please also consider that there is also a request for software-boutique which sounds like gnome-software for MATE. Also note that we did not require that gnome-software be prefixed with <distro name>- (not surprising since the criteria came up after gnome-software :wink: ). I wonder if we want to adjust your point ‘3’ accordingly. Honestly, I like it as is and am kinda wondering if gnome-software should be changed to ubuntu-gnome-software since I doubt the snap would be able to install rpms on Fedora for example (maybe it can, I don’t know).

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Software Boutique is intended to be a general purpose “store” which is why it is not prefixed.

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@Wimpress That is an amazing approach. Out of context here (not snap related), but is it branded generic, or still Ubuntu mate? I know you had spoken about allowing branding to a degree.

Currently Ubuntu MATE only. It is a longer term goal to white label it for other distros, Debian for example.

@jdstrand software-boutique and ubuntu-mate-welcome are both in the store, please can you allow classic confinement for both.

@niemeyer - can you comment on software-boutique? See my comments here: Classic confinement request for Ubuntu MATE Welcome and Software Boutique

Granting use of classic to ubuntu-mate-welcome. This is now live.

@jdstrand Sorry for being unclear. The prefix suggestion was specific to <distro>-welcome snaps, because that’s very tightly coupled with that specific distribution. We don’t want general software prefixed with the distribution name that packaged it.


For others, @niemeyer and I discussed this on IRC and software-boutique should be granted classic. It does not need to be prefixed with <distro>-. Classic granted. This is now live.

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