Classic Confinement Request: budgie-welcome

Good day,

I would like to officially request approval for classic confinement for the package called ‘budgie-welcome’ on behalf of Ubuntu Budgie. The package was pushed to the store using our Ubuntu Budgie account.

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(NEEDS REVIEW) confinement 'classic' not allowed. If your snap needs classic confinement to function, please make a request for this snap to use classic by creating a new topic in the forum using the 'store' category and detail the technical reasons why classic is required. lint-snap-v2_confinement_classic What does this mean?
confinement 'classic' not allowed with plugs/slots lint-snap-v2_confinement_classic_with_interfaces What does this mean?

The reasoning for this request is that the application currently leverages apt to install additional software to the system. In the future, we also plan the leverage the application to offer snap packages as well. The last bit that also requires the usage of classic confinement is the use of polkit. We currently already have the GitHub repo replicating into LaunchPad, and post-classic approval will wire in the bits between LaunchPad and the store itself.

The functionality is very similar to the request in process for Ubuntu Mate’s Welcome and Boutique request (

Our last intent is that once this is approved - we will be seeding this application in our ISO - so I am a little wary of the upcoming cutoff prior to beta 1 for 18.04.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Hi Dustin,

Do you have the application source link at hand for a quick look?

PolKit should not require classic confinement as it works over dbus and we can easily confine that.

In terms of timing, I’m sure we can get the conversation here going quickly and get to something that works for you.

Hi @niemeyer!

You can have a look at the repo here:

One other thing to note this app also installs other software via apt (and snaps in the future)… So my assumption is that classic is still needed due to that aspect.

@niemeyer just to clarify - like the Ubuntu Mate Welcome, budgie-welcome uses a polkit policy file to grant an executable to perform the “add repositories, install packages” without needing further user authentication i.e. one click to install

So currently the snapcraft.yaml copies the .policy file to the “host” /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/ ; it also repoints the .policy file “org.freedesktop.policykit.exec.path” to the location within the snap where budgie-welcome-privileged-actions is located

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Thanks for the clarifications. It sounds okay to have classic for this.

I’ve sent the details plus a question here in the equivalent request for mate-welcome:

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Great! thanks for the update. Are there any action items on our end at this point?

@fossfreedom ^^

@bashfulrobot if I understand the request - the snap needs to be renamed to “ubuntu-budgie-welcome” - yaml + store name?

Let’s please sync with @popey and @wimpress first, as we might also synchronize in the other direction, making the mate snap become mate-welcome instead.

@niemeyer - Sounds good. We will stand by and then adjust the snap as needed.

@niemeyer - my assumption is that Martin’s response in the ubuntu mate welcome thread answers that question and we are good to go with the rename to ubuntu-budgie-welcome? Then I assume classic would be issued after the rename and push to the store?

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@bashfulrobot Yeah, sounds like everyone is happy with that, so sounds good to me as well. The rename in the store can happen in the store end.

@noise Who’s the right person to help here?

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@niemeyer great! Once it is all done - we will wire up to the build system and get this seeded in the ISO!

@fossfreedom - Just for visibility.

Good morning/afternoon @niemeyer.

I’m just curious as to the timeline. We are creeping up on beta one. I genuinely hope I am not coming off as pushy.

I have heard that there is a sprint coming up in which the people who run Nusakan (image server) are away when beta 1 is to release. So as one of the release managers (signed up on the wiki) we have been discussing if we should do beta 1 either a week early, or a week later (still to be proposed to the flavors). And since I know we (Budgie) and Mate are planning on seeding these types of apps - we would hate to miss beta 1 (valuable feedback).

Thank you very much in advance for your time.

I’ll answer for @niemeyer for the moment since he is out today.

I’m prepared to grant classic to this snap provided that it is renamed to ubuntu-budgie-welcome as per the agreements earlier in this topic. I don’t see ubuntu-budgie-welcome in the store at this time. @niemeyer said that the store could help with this.

@noise - can you or someone from your team look at this?

You can avoid classic confinement entirely by querying PackageKit through D-Bus, just as you talk to snapd through D-Bus.

If it would help - I can just upload a new package from my side. And then we could pull the other.

Yes, eventually. We don’t have an interface for this DBus access yet (I asked @Wimpress for feedback on ubuntu-mate-welcome for precisely this). When we have it, hopefully gnome-softare, ubuntu-mate-welcome, ubuntu-budgie-welcome, etc can simply use this interface.

Apologies for the delay in replying. @bashfulrobot could you please register the new name (ubuntu-budgie-welcome), adapt your snapcraft.yaml as needed and push the package there?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to rename an existing snap :frowning: So the above, followed by snapcraft close on all available channels for the old budgie-welcome snap is the best way to achieve this request. Sorry about that.

  • Daniel

This is a bit of a strange interface, in the sense that once that interface is connected the entire machine is accessible. If nothing else, we need to put some thinking there to see how it fits.