Classic confinement request for soundux


I’d like to request classic confinement for my snap soundux.

Soundux is a soundboard using PulseAudio modules.

This is our website and our GitHub project page:
GitHub Snapcraft:

Classic confinement:
Given that the program needs access to loading/unloading PulseAudio modules, I would like to access the --classic confinement.

This was already discussed in

If there is a way to avoid requesting --classic by default and rather run in strict mode without too many hurdles, let me know, I would definitely prefer it!

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Hey @D3SOX thanks for the detailed explanation. It is my understanding that even though there were discussions around creating a new interface to handle this need (Request classic confinement for noisetorch), it is not available yet. Thus, requirements are understood from my side.

@advocacy could you please proceed with publisher vetting?


@D3SOX just to confirm - assuming that in the future a pulseaudio-control interface becomes available in snapd that allows the loading of new pulseaudio modules for snaps under strict confinement, can you confirm that you would then switch soundux to use this and drop classic confinement in that case?

Yes, the loading and unloading of PulseAudio modules is the only thing that keeps me from using strict confinement.
Can I subscribe somewhere to know when it is available? Something like an RSS feed

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This would eventually be submitted as PR against snapd so you could monitor those

Okay thanks, what happens now with my classic request? We would like to release the next version also in the Snap Store so I would appreciate a response on this matter

The next step is for the @advocacy team to perform vetting of the publisher and once this is done we can then grant the permission for soundux to use classic confinement in the store.

ping @advocacy could you please perform publisher vetting?

@D3SOX What is the official contact email for soundux please?

We’ll add that on our GitHub and website

+1 from me, I verified the publisher.

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Granting use of classic. This is now live.

Its my understanding that we still not have a special mechanism for snap publishers to subscribe to snapd updates, but we should probably implement something for these type of situations. I will let you know whenever we have it.

@D3SOX could you please either upload a new revision or request a manual review for this changes to take effect? Thanks!

I published a revision on the beta channel and I think it worked. But snapcraft seems to be down right now

504 Gateway Time-out

The server didn’t respond in time.

I see revision 33 is available on --edge and --beta but yeah, as you have mentioned there is an issue in snapcraft. I have just raised the issue, it should be fixed soon.

It’s online now, thank you!

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