Classic confinement request: flasher-enapter

Hi Snapcraft team,

Our app is helping to install the IoT firmware into ESP32 IoT Module.

The detailed information can be found here.

So the app downloads the latest firmware from our sever and flash it over serial interface into ESP32 DevKit.

The reason to request the classic confinement is to get reliable access to serial port without need of asking user to manually enable experimental usb-hotplug or creating a separate gadget snap to provide the slot for the plug.

Thanks, Nikolay on behalf of all Enapter Software Team

Please see the various threads about arduino and arduino-mhall… unless your PC has actually a db9 rs232 port you want to use for this, you should get along well with the raw-usb interface instead… I have not seen anyone using a real serial cable that isn’t attached via USB to flash esp32 controllers in a very long time…

Thanks for the tip to have a look on raw-usb - i will try this.

Hi @ogra.

Thanks for hint. I’ve managed to work everything as it need to work, however it seems i need to make auto-connection of interface request. Should i make separate topic or this one is fine?

Thanks, Nikolay

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you can just change the topic description … :slight_smile: