Interface auto-connect request for flasher-enapter snap

Hi Snapcraft team,

we would like to request support auto-connect for raw-usb interface to make flasher-enapter application much easier to use.

Our app is helping to install the IoT firmware into ESP32 IoT Module.

The detailed information can be found here .

So the app downloads the latest firmware from our sever and flash it over serial interface into ESP32 DevKit.

Reference topic.

Thanks, Nikolay

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+1 from me for granting auto-connect for the raw-usb interface, as it makes sense based on the functionality of this snap.

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+1 for flasher-enapter to auto-connect raw-usb. It clearly matches the intent of application and would not be a surprise to any users of the snap.

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+2 votes for, 0 votes against, granting auto-connect for plugging raw-usb to flasher-enapter. This is now live.

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