Classic confinement for dbeaver-ce

Hello! Can you please grant to use classic confinement for dbeaver-ce snap package, please? Just as it was done for dbeverapp Classic confinement for dbeaverapp

The official dbeaver site:

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Hi there! I really hope that you will be able to view this request in the near future. Thank you.

Hey @riednyko,

I quickly compared dbeaverapp and dbeaver-ce and have some questions.

From your explanation it seems dbeaverapp is a test app and dbeaver-ce is the official app, but since I see differences I would really like to understand a little bit more before proceeding. If there are not real differences, you can have a single snap and then make use of the channels/tracks instead of maintaining 2 separated snaps.

The snap description for dbeaverapp is Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE but the one for dbeaver-ce is Universal Database Manager and SQL Client and also the snapcraft.yaml for both apps are quite different. There are other snaps that work as database managers that are running under strict confinement, like So what are the issues you are experiencing that are preventing this snap to stay under strict confinement?

I see in the related post, that dbeaverapp needs to open a web browser or other application supporting xlsx files. Have you explore the possibility of plugging desktop? If you do so, your snap has access to the xdg-open from core that would allow you to open the application. This post can be of help for further explanation.

Also, I see dbeaver-ce is a multi-platform tool and since classic snaps run in the global mount namespace, you need to make sure it will work reliably across distributions if this is a requirement (See Caveats section of the Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps).



Thanks for the answer!

Unfortunately, the above problems were not resolved and the solutions did not work for us. However, the dbeaverapp test package is working as it should now. We would like to do the same with the basic dbeaver-ce package. Can you try to make it with a classic confinement please?:slight_smile:

snapcraft.yaml will be changed as in dbeaverapp

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Hello there! Just want to raise the topic :upside_down_face:

Can you please try and clarify the difference / relationship between dbeaver-ce and dbeaverapp? I am trying to understand how dbeaver-ce functions and hence why it would require classic confinement and then under which of the supported categories for classic confinement this would fit. Can you please help me to understand this so we can try and proceed with this request?

Thanks for the answer!

dbeaverapp is a test package, dbeaver-ce is an official package. Everything should work according to the principle of the eclipse package. We have tested it and how dbeaverapp works now suits us and we would like to update the official dbeaver-ce package in the same way

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Hi there! dbeaverapp is not test package, is a sandbox for dbeaver-ce. So we made sandboxed dbeaver-ce in dbeaverapp working as we expected with some little changes like description thats doesn’t matter for this case. We need to apply same rules applyed to debeaverapp to dbeaver-ce.