Classic confinement for Android Studio

I just published Android Studio as a classic snap but its publishing got blocked. Please allow it. Its totally similar to pycharm, intellij etc, which are already classic.


Probably after some testing, and more work, like automatically fetching latest version instead of a hard-coded url, we could move this under snapcrafters ?

Packaging lives here, in case someone is interested.

@evan - can you or someone from your team take a look at this?

I added a small script in the packaging that fetches the latest URL/version from upstream and updates our snapcraft.yaml file. I could on top of this implement a notifier on my private server that will send an email to snapcrafters whenever there is a new Android Studio version available.

We could technically extend this to do the upload automatically whenever a new update is available.

Also I commit to the maintenance of this snap.

@om26er, I can import your Android Studio snap to Snapcrafters, is that how you would like to proceed? If so, please can you add and adapt the Snapcrafter’s README template for Android Studio.

As for the classic requirement text editors and IDEs have traditionally been classic since they require arbitrary access to files. I assume this is the case with Android Studio? Does Android Studio interface with adb and/or fastboot? If so, classic will be required as there are no interfaces for adb/fastboot currently.

Sure, lets move this to snapcrafters and I’ll add the template in a bit.

Yes the snap ships with adb, which is required to run apps though the IDE.

android-studio snap name is currently registered under my name, I am fine if we move the ownership to snapcrafters.

@om26er The android-strudio snap has been imported to the Snapcrafters github. You can remove your repo if you like, any updates should be submitted as pull requests :slight_smile: I’ll get everything hooked up with the build services now.

Thanks, I just deleted my repo. Also created a small pull request.

@Wimpress - since you seem to be the one performing the processes in Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps for this snap, what is the status of the classic request?

@Wimpress - ping re classic

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@evan, @Wimpress, @popey - can one of you finish the processes in Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps?

@jdstrand is “next step” us re-requesting but under our name? I’m a bit confused here.

The technical requirements aside from those detailed above amount to the same requirement we’ve used for other IDEs and text editors. Allowing maintaining arbitrary project files across the filesystem, and execute all manner of external tools as part of the app build & development process.

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Sorry for being pushy :wink: Do you think we can land this now ?

@popey - you need to comment on how the publisher has been vetted. Once that is done, I can process the request.

The packaging was moved under snapcrafters and I was added to that team, so I won’t be the publisher directly. So perhaps you should reject the upload from my name om26er and the snapcrafters need to do an upload ?

As @om26er says, we are publishing via snapcrafters an upstream project.

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OK. Well, this request was for which indicates that om26er is the publisher. I don’t see anything in there stating this is a snapcrafters project.

@popey - I think you are saying that anyone in snapcrafters is already vetted. Is that accurate? How is this team setup? If I could see as part of the review the snapcrafters membership then we could expedite some reviews.

I’ve granted this snap use of classic.

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@jdstrand - The snapcrafters team members are by invitation only. Canonical people have write access to the repositories. All others have read only rights. We (myself, @Wimpress and @evan) review each PR before they land.