Notepadqq classic confinement request

Notepadqq is a general-purpose text editor for power users. Some of them reported about incurring into permission errors when trying to access some files outside of $HOME (e.g. system configuration files).

Can you allow classic confinement for this snap, or preferably suggest an alternative solution?

Thank you

Snap ID: 6iueWFAtx9P2OQz4SIW64Kry9hT8aUCL

@evan, @popey and/or @Wimpress - can one of you take a look at this?

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If I am not mistaken, normal users can still use the application in strict mode by default and, if needed, reinstall it in classic mode?

Is there a way to detect the confinement type of the application at runtime, so that in case of permission errors we can explain the reason to the user?

This would remove the need to enable classic confinement on the store, as most users are perfectly fine with the strict one.

you would have to maintain two snaps, there is currently no way to “just switch” a snap from confined to classic via some “snap install/snap switch/snap drop-privs” command since classic snaps are built differently from the ground up (which is why the confinement definition lives inside your snapcraft.yaml, it is a build-time selection thing)

Then I’m observing a strange behaviour on my Ubuntu 17.10:
running “sudo snap install --classic notepadqq” for some reason allows me to access /etc/fstab, while if I install with “sudo snap install notepadqq”, it does not.

Ping @evan, @popey and/or @Wimpress

I think this warrants classic for the same reason that several IDEs (e.g. 1, 2) have been approved for classic: users should reasonably expect to be able to edit anywhere on the filesystem.

I can confirm that @danieleds is the author of this snap.

Granting use of classic. This is now live.