Changing Publisher in a store

Could you please help me with changing store Publisher. For nordvpn snap, by removing from Publisher username. Leaving only the Publisher like in Full name. Also how we can have ‘Verified’ account. Thank you

Maybe @odysseus-k or @verterok can you please help?

Who is @johntk005 ?

His/her suggestions always seem offset or orthogonal to the discussion thread.


Apologies for the delay. Regarding the publisher change; could you please elaborate a bit on what exactly you want to achieve? Do you want to transfer the ownership of the snap to another username or something else?

Regarding having your account as “Verified”; you should create a new forum post with your request and tag it with policy and policy-requests (here’s an example to model your request after). A member of the policy-requests review team will get to it and once your request is granted, we’ll be able to set your account as “Verified”.



This has been handled a few months ago. Thanx

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