Certain apps won't open

Hi there. I’ve got a few apps installed through snap. Most of them work, but a few will not open. Trying to figure out why and how I can fix it.

Apps that won’t run for me:
Standard Notes

Hi. Thanks for reporting the issue. What’s the output of snap version? What changed since you last was able to run them? What happens if you open a terminal and run snap run standard-notes? Do you get debugging output?

Hi. Output for snap version is

snap 2.42.4-1
snapd 2.42.4-1
series 16
manjaro -
kernel 5.4.6-2-MANJARO

I am not entirely sure what changed since the last time they worked for me. I dual boot windows and Manjaro and it had been a couple of days since I had last been in Manjaro.

I uninstalled the snap version of standard notes and bitwarden and grabbed those from the AUR. But I tried snap run winds and nothing happens, not even debugging output. That is also the same as when I tried with standard notes earlier.