Can Ubuntu Core 20 boot on AMD64 bare metal from a harddrive?

Is it possible to boot Ubuntu Core 20 on a bare metal AMD64 device from its own harddrive, and not a flash stick? I know it can boot from a flashstick, or in a VM, but can it boot on a real machine off its own harddrive?

I have tried everything I know and can’t get it to work, someone in thread seem to think maybe its not possible? Has anyone else tried and been successful?

This is all I get (cand can’t ssh in):

yes there are 10000s of commercial devices out there doing that every day :slight_smile:

if it does not work for you there might be some incompatibility with UEFI or a missing controller driver or some other bug involved.

there are plenty of commercial customers canonical has that have their devices flashed in the factory to the internal disk to boot from there by default …


Thanks for that confirmation, was starting to think I was going down a rabbit hole again (like when I was trying to get chromium to work in a snap).

AMD64 device or ARM devices?


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