Call for testing: WolfenDoom - Blade of Agony

I think games are a great way to stress the capabilities of a new system or format; they tend to be larger and more dependent on access to the hardware and performance than other applications. For that reason, I’ve churned out another game for you lovely people to get your teeth into. This bundles a DOOM engine with a story-driven complete revision mod from the universe of the Wolfenstein games. It requires decent hardware to run in all its glory so you may need to explore the (extensive) options to turn down resolution, filtering and effects.

sudo snap install --edge boa (warning - approx 500MB)

As before, I would be grateful if you would test this on a variety of processors, graphics cards and monitors and let me know what is broken.

Have a lovely weekend.


Isn’t something here copyrighted? How are you allowed to distribute this for free if that’s the case? (though if the store allows it then the store allows it…)

Everything is under copyright. The question is whether there is a licence to use it.

Gzdoom and freedoom are both open source projects. The mod itself is on github and requests attribution for its use. Those attribution files are packed in the snap and the attribution is shown in the opening credits for the game. There is always a risk a mod may contain resources which are in dubious copyright territory, and if upstream received notification that copyright had been breached the package would have to be removed until that was rectified.

My own view is that this package is acceptable for distribution. I’m willing to hear other viewpoints.

Yeah that’s fair, I was hoping to snap up Pokemon Showdown’s server and client at some point and that would be in a similar situation to this :slight_smile:

Supposedly open source games are a nightmare, as there is no way to confirm that every single asset in a half gigabyte bundle is genuinely free to use. All I can say is that this is an established mod which has been endorsed by John Romero so I hope I’m not on dodgy ground.


It is absolutely perfect. Thinkpad W520 with Nvidia drivers - X11 - 17.10
Sound, graphics, saves, hardware recognition, the works.

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Brilliant. Cheers for the feedback!

@andy no disco so far with nouveau drivers on my 17.10 thnkpad.

Could I suggest that you, point me in the right-direction, so far as, Maximising -blades of agony on my user-space window?

Wow! You should totally have put a screenshot in this post :slight_smile:

I’d never heard of this game before you mentioned it here. Works great on my 16.04 / nVidia machine. Looking forward to playing this more later! Nice work.

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Cheers Alan. Glad you like it!

There’s a “fullscreen” option buried in the menus somewhere. I don’t know how well it will run on the nouveau drivers. It has quite high system requirements. Let me know!

Apparently the Doom game engine is GPL, which is why there’s all these forks… Well, learnt something new I guess! So yeah this if fine lol!

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Would you mind adding the joystick interface to snapcraft.yaml ?

Certainly, now I know it exists :slight_smile:

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There are some builds coming into --edge. Do I need to do anything beyond adding the joystick interface? Does it work for you?

I won’t release to stable yet, as I think I’ll have to change where the savefiles are kept to the common directory. Just working out how best to do that.

not this joystick obviously :slight_smile:

@ogra but do steel series still do joysticks ?

@popey not easy discerning if your attempting sarcasm.

sorry if you found my screenshot un-groovy.

(the link, is the inspiration behind a map that I would like to do for the game - or the soundtrack anyway).

Nah man, popey ain’t like that. Have you had any luck with the game on fullscreen since?

I wasn’t replying to your post @attache - I was replying to @mcphail suggesting that he should have added a screenshot to the original post. That’s all.

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