Call for testing: Sublime Text

Sublime Text is now available as a snap in the candidate channel

install with
sudo snap install sublime-text-3 --classic --candidate

I haven’t found any issues yet but if anyone finds it, please feel free to either report here or at

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Tried this on Arch with snapd-git package. A word of warning, I’m not a sublime user.

The basic functionality of a text editor seems to work just fine. I was able to open & save files, edit some code. Then I installed sublime-text-dev from AUR. The only difference I observed was that in case of sublime snap, the application icon was not used Gnome-Shell.

Can you elaborate that a bit. Do you mean that if you install sublime from snap, you don’t see its icon in GNOME shell application drawer at all or does it show a fallback icon ?

There’s a fallback icon shown.

Thanks for testing, I have a fix for that here should land soon.

As a sublime-text user myself I think this application must come with a default alias of subl as the classic packages did.

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Added a request for that here Requesting subl auto-alias

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