Requesting subl auto-alias

The deb packages provided by the sublime-text-3 has an alias subl, we need that as its what people are familiar with.

Also note that the upstream only has a single entry point subl they dont have sublime-text-3 that we currently have. Is there a way we can omit the current name completely and only provide subl ?

Carrying request from Call for testing: Sublime Text

+1 to grant the request

+1 to grant the alias. ‘subl’ isn’t a command used in the Ubuntu archive and well-known within the sublime text community.

As for removing ‘sublime-text-3’, not without renaming the snap name to ‘subl’. If the alias is automatic, I don’t see this as a problem in practice. If it is a problem in practice, you can create a wrapper that detects if it was called as sublime-text-3 and tell the users to call it as ‘subl’ (again, I don’t see why this would be needed).

any reason not to call the snap ‘subl’?

there isn’t any. Shall I change the name under ‘apps’ from sublime-text-3 to subl ?

It’s fine either way I think. +1 for the alias if you choose to go that way.

I think there are three things.

  • The snap should be called sublime-text-3 as it is currently
  • The name of the app should be changed from sublime-text-3 to subl
  • sublime-text-3.subl should have an alias subl

That will keep us closest to upstream.

I’ll change the app name now, once that lands and the package is released to candidate channel, will let comment here.

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Nobody will look for subl. The snap ought to be called sublime-text. The rest can be done with tracks as we discussed on IRC (track for the old 2 series, latest for the current 3 series)

What is the status of this auto-alias request? Will the snap be renamed?

Yes, sorry that missed from my radar during the weekends. Will work on that later tonight.

@om26er - any update on this?

Sorry, I was extremely busy for the last few weeks so was not able to reply or work on this.

I will get back to this soon.

I now have a PR that renames this snap to sublime-text. Apart from that we need the name sublime-text assigned to snapcrafters team. does not yet exist in the store. It sounds like when it exists, you would like the ‘subl’ auto-alias

We have 2 votes from reviewers and 1 community vote for this, so ping me (use ‘@jdstrand’ in this topic) when the snap is in the store and I can process the alias.

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@popey @Wimpress @zyga-snapd Need a final opinion here as to if sublime-text-3 should be renamed to sublime-text, I have added my investigations here:

sublime-text is now in the store and I’ve granted the use of the subl alias there since we had the votes here.