Call for testing: MuseScore v3.0.1

Hey everyone.

MuseScore v3.0.1 snap is now in the beta channel for amd64 & i386 arch:

sudo snap install musescore --channel=beta

Some interfaces need to be connected manually:

sudo snap connect musescore:cups-control
sudo snap connect musescore:network-manager
sudo snap connect musescore:alsa
sudo snap connect musescore:removable-media

But most of the application functionality works without them.

This is a major release, so, if you’re a user of the application or even if you just want to poke at it, I’d love some help putting it through its paces! Please let me know if you run into any issues.

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I’m very late to the party, but I recently found the current version of MuseScore in stable channel is quite old and I wanted to give 3.x a try, so here is my feedback (I’m not an expert on MuseScore, I was just helping a friend who would like to use it):

I installed it on Ubuntu 18.04 using Ubuntu Software. I selected the beta channel from there (so the version I installed is 3.0.2) and once the installation was finished, I clicked on Permissions and activated everything (which, if I’m not mistaken, does the same as manually calling the snap connect commands you gave above). I noticed later that the permissions were not kept in Ubuntu Software, but they seem to be activated nonetheless: my musescore snap has access to alsa, cups-control, desktop, desktop-legacy, gsettings, home, network, network-bind, network-manager, opengl, pulseaudio, unity7, wayland, x11.

The application launches fine, I could follow the tour that introduces the different sections of MuseScore and create a new score.

I could also open an existing score (downloaded here), install a SoundFont file (downloaded here, then right-clicked it and selected MuseScore) and use it to play the score.

So far, so good!

I only noticed one little issue: I tried to print a PDF (File > Print… > Print to File (PDF)). I selected /tmp/test.pdf for the output, but I was never able to find the file. I guess this is something to do with snaps, but the file is not present in neither /tmp, /snap/musescore/* nor /home/myuser/snap/musescore/*. However, I can save the PDF file somewhere else (for instance in my home directory) and it works fine.

Do you have any plan to release this version (or a newer one like the 3.0.5 released last month)? Thanks again for your work!

P.S.: do you host your snapcraft.yamlrecipe somewhere? I’m curious to see how it’s made.


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For the /tmp issue, each snap is assigned its own private version of /tmp. This is done to (a) prevent the sandboxed app from interfering with other applications’ temporary files, and (b) not place restrictions on what the app can name its temporary files (so it is entirely possible for two snapped apps to create a /tmp/foo without causing problems for each other).

It does mean that the /tmp directory is not a good way of transferring data from the application to the host system. You can probably find your PDF file in a /tmp/snap.musecore_${random}/tmp/directory, but you’ll need sudo to access it.


Hey! First of all, thanks for the input!

I’m really busy right now with off-line topics, so I don’t have a lot ot time to update it, as the snap needs to be reworked for this:


And maybe also this:

Yeah, sure! PRs are very welcomed, by the way!!

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I’d like to inform you I’m working on migrating your picard snap and may check this one out after it is finished.

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That’s great news @Lin-Buo-Ren! Thanks!