Musescore manual review

When I’ve tried to compile and upload the latest version of Musescore (3.0.2) I got a manual review warning from the store. This is the rejection message I got:

Rejected by Jamie Strandboge. “Found files with executable stack. This adds PROT_EXEC to mmap(2) during mediation which may cause security denials. Either adjust your program to not require an executable stack, strip it with ‘execstack --clear-execstack …’ or remove the affected file from your snap. Affected files: usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/” — Jamie Strandboge

But I don’t really get it: that file was already there is the last version of the snap (3.0.1), so why it’s now a problem @jdstrand ?


I looked and indeed previous versions passed automated review. For now, I manually approved the amd64 revision-- if you want to request a manual review for the i386, feel free to do so, but you’ll want to investigate for this to pass manual review in the future. I suggest taking a look at Snap and executable stacks.

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