Call for testing: libreoffice 6.0.1

It says it’s currently on, which is still correct, it doesn’t say whether we’ll get the 6.0.1 update when Olivier moves it to stable or not :slight_smile:


I hope to set the confinement to “classic” so we can open any file on other partitions/disks


that would be pretty gross … testing and then releasing 6.0.3 untested to stable ?

this thread is abut testing in candidate before releasing it to stable … once there is a 6.0.1 (or .2 or .3) for testing i’m sure we’ll get a new thread or an update … :slight_smile:

That should be provided by an interface, ideally? Classic should not be used willy-nilly.

I hope it doesn’t take too long to get it out! The Flatpak is already out… though I know the snap is probably better confined and hence more likely to have bugs…

I’m new to snap, What do you mean by an interface?

My issue with LibreOffice snap is when I try to open a word file from USB, I got access denied error.

Screenshot from 2018 02 11 14 31 43

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open a terminal (a GUI for this is in the works too but not ready yet) and run:

sudo snap connect libreoffice:removable-media

then try again … (also see the output of “snap interfaces” for other snap interfaces you can connnect)

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@ogra Thank you very much. It is working well now.
The last thing please, I’m using wubiuefi and I can’t open any files on the /host location so what interface for allowing it?

As I understand it, it’s something that the snap gets access to by listing it in its plugs in its snapcraft.yaml (the file that determines what goes in the snap). It’s more fine-grained and secure than using classic confinement (which pretty much just grants access to your entire system like you give for traditionally packaged applications).

Thank you very much.
But I think opening files from USB or any partition should be enabled by default especially for word, Excel,… files.

There’ll be a GUI for it in GNOME Software at some point and it could be autoconnected if someone requests for it to be in #store (it might have been requested already…)

I have pushed to the candidate channel, and updated the thread to reflect that minor version update. Everyone, please test and share your feedback here!

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The auto-connection of the removable-media interface has been requested here already, let’s see if the store team can acknowledge it.


xdg directories in the file chooser dialog points to the snap $HOME folder (eg. 48) instead of the $USER’s home folder. In atom and mailspring snaps they point the the $USER’s xdg folders.

That’s a known bug. Atom is not affected most likely because it’s a classic snap, and I haven’t tried mailspring. Is it using a standard GTK file dialog?

I installed as sudo snap install libreoffice --candidate --classic and as sudo snap install libreoffice --candidate, in both cases there is bug #1748273

You forgot to include localizations into the snap, ot at least on my system the russian localization is not used when running your snap

That’s an unthemed gtk2 file dialog. The libreoffice snap uses gtk3, which might explain why it’s behaving differently.