Call for testing: libreoffice 6.0.1

Call for testing: libreoffice 6.0.1


LibreOffice is a free and open source office suite, developed by The Document Foundation. The LibreOffice suite comprises programs for word processing, the creation and editing of spreadsheets, slideshows, diagrams and drawings, working with databases, and composing mathematical formulae.

This is a major new version, see the release notes for details.


How to install

snap install libreoffice --candidate


snap refresh libreoffice --candidate

Note that the snap can coexist with the ubuntu packages. If you wish to remove the ubuntu packages to use solely the snap, you can do:

sudo apt remove “libreoffice*”
sudo apt autoremove

Requested Setups

At the moment that version of the snap is available for amd64 processors only. It is expected to work on any linux distribution that supports snaps. It has been smoke-tested on Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04 and 18.04.

Known issues

Known bugs are tracked on launchpad.

Specific Tests

I’m interested in your feedback on any tasks you perform using all the apps in the libreoffice suite.
Please report any issues you encounter while testing that version in this thread. Thanks!


Hi! Chinese user here, I’ve noticed something weird with input methods.

Usually, Chinese input methods (or other language system that is not Phonogram) will make use of phonetic symbols to form inputs. Therefore, there will exists a preparation state for user to form word from a combination of phonetic symbols.

The thing I’ve noticed is that when typing too fast, the snap version of libreoffice will often “leak” the text I put in the preparation buffer as a character. This leads to inconsistent typing experience which greatly reduced productivity. This behaviour is not happening with the deb version.

My system is ubuntu 16.04 with fcitx as input methods.
Here are the gif screenshot.

edited: this is found in mailspring snap too.


Absolutely loving the ability to search for special characters! :heart_eyes: No need to look frantically for the odd Greek letter in an equation, I just have to type in ‘mu’ or whatever :smiley:

So the communication between the snapped app and the input method helper for fcitx is somewhat lagging, and keystrokes are being dropped, is that correct?

I wonder if that could be apparmor confinement. Can you monitor the syslog in a terminal while you reproduce the issue (journalctl -f) and see if there’s anything suspiciously verbose?

Also, would you mind filing a bug report at with the contents of your post (gif included), so we continue the investigation there? Thanks!

Wonder if this is related to Cannot change input method in snaps. In that topic, there are no AppArmor denials.

When saving documents with bullets in format .docx the bullers are replaced with some other icon for bullets
Bellow is how it shows before saving
this is after saving, closing and re-opening
I also noticed this behaviour on latest stable version

Interesting. I am seeing the same issue (but with different icons for bullets) on my main machine running 18.04. However in a clean VM running 18.04, bullets in docx are rendered correctly. I wonder if this has to do with fonts installed on the host.

I installed all the fonts-* packages available in a 18.04 VM, and I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue, so the issue doesn’t appear to be caused by host fonts.

When running libreoffice snap after the above command(not sure if sudo is required), but nothing happened when the “leaking” happens.

I’ll try to report this, thx for your reply!

I filed bug #1748518 to track the issue.

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Another thing noticed here.

When trying to open sym-link folder, it will failed due to not being able to find it.
The document folder is actually on another drive, so I linked it to my home folder(which is in the same drive as root).

I’ve had removable-media plugged.

OK thank you, did you test it with 5.4 also?

Not being able to open symlinks pointing somewhere else on the filesystem is expected, that would mean that you can easily escape confinement, which is not desirable.

The removable-media interface allows access to content under /media and /run/media, which is where your external hard drives should be mounted by default.

Yes, and I’m seeing the issue with from the stable channel, too.

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I see, this makes sense!

How do I uninstall the debian package,

and then fresh install libreoffice snap?

That’s explained in the call for testing at the beginning of this thread:

sudo apt remove "libreoffice*"
sudo apt autoremove
snap install libreoffice --candidate

this package will be based on Libreoffice or 6.0.1?

the screenshot in the first post of this thread should tell you :wink:

that’s wrong, one version back again