Call for testing LibreOffice 5.3.4 snap

An updated version of the LibreOffice snap was published earlier today in the snap store (beta channel).
If you are using the snap already, or if you feel like testing it, now is the time to upgrade to that version ( and let us know if you find issues with it:

snap install --beta libreoffice

Note that it can coexist with the official ubuntu packages. If you want to remove those packages and use exclusively the snap, do the following:

sudo apt remove "libreoffice*"
sudo apt autoremove

This new release addresses a handful of bugs.

And if you need to report a bug against the snap package (current stable version or update in the beta channel), please use the tag “snap” and paste the output of the following commands:

lsb_release -a
snap info --verbose libreoffice core

Note that the snap is currently available for amd64 and armhf architectures only. There is a known build failure for i386 which is being actively investigated.

Feedback welcome!


I have to work on a few docs which have specialized fonts. Unlike other snap packages I have installed (e.g. Inkscape), the Libreoffice snap (just tested 5.3.4) will not access fonts which I install ~/.fonts. Is there a way around this?

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Are those fonts being discovered by the snap if you copy/link them to ~/snap/libreoffice/current/.fonts/ ?

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Ok, this is good. Yes, if I either link to them from ~/snap/libreoffice/current/.fonts/ or copy them there, they seem to work. This is good to know! Would be wonderful is there was a symlink to ~/.fonts in this directory by default.

So happy the bugs I reported got fixed!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Thanks so much @oSoMoN! (Not really able to test because my Internet is so rubbish, I could try downloading the update overnight I guess)

Thanks to everyone who tested the snap and provided feedback.
I have now promoted it to the stable channel, and will start work on the upcoming 5.4.0 release.


I filed a bug to track that feature request. Thanks for the feedback!

Installed this snap, pruged the debs. I have to start working on a presentation in a couple of days. I’ll report back (I hope presentation mode works).


If this works well enough maybe it would be an idea to have fully working snaps come up higher than Debs in Ubuntu Software listings? And even somehow hide the Debs… But maybe snap integration in Ubuntu Software needs work, like running updates showing up there and channels support and stuff? :slight_smile:

(Just an idea, I know I wouldn’t be doing all the hard work for it)

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@sergiusens how did the presentation go?

@Ads20000 taking this one step further, for big packages such as libreoffice, the long term goal should be to make it a snap only, to avoid costly packaging work on two fronts.

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It will take place August 19 :wink:

@oSoMoN Did you get notified of my comment on the bug with the file picker within LibreOffice?

Hey @oSoMoN I just noticed I have no icons in the open dialog, just emptiness where I’d see folder icons for the usual user dirs (Pictures, Downloads, …). Same for files (except for odp, those have an icon at least).

@sergiusens I cannot observe that here. Could you please share a screenshot of how this looks like? Any obvious messages if you launch libreoffice from a terminal?

Another issue I see is that when I go to presentation mode I get a grey screen, I can go through the slides and eventually see the “Click to exit presentation” text, I can also open a contextual menu to navigate the slides, they are just all grey.

I would take a screenshot but I can’t without fiddling, so a photo will have to do

Not seeing either of those issues here in an up-to-date artful VM.

This is what the open dialog looks like here:

It appears you’re using a different theme. Maybe assets of that theme are missing from the snap. Can you share your theme settings?

Are you running an X11 or wayland session?

At this point I think it would be more productive to continue this conversation in the form of two separate bug reports, if you don’t mind filing them (see the original post for instructions).

You have to include the assets of every theme you want to support within the snap?!

I hope not, but given that @sergiusens is seeing missing icons with what appears to be a non-default theme, that’s what came to my mind without further investigation.