Call for testing LibreOffice 5.3.4 snap

Yes, icons and desktop themes need to be either in the snap itself or in a platform snap if you’re using one (gnome-3-24 for example). Only assets included inside the snap or it’s dependent platform snap can be used, which means if you use an esoteric desktop theme you’ll probably default to adwaita because your particular theme isn’t in the snap environment.

Also I think the LibreOffice file picker is still missing something. Snapped apps should work the same as apps packaged by other methods and the file picker currently isn’t meeting this ideal.

(LibreOffice 5.3 file picker on the left, Files 3.20.4 on the right)

I don’t have the LibreOffice Deb installed at the moment (and my Internet is too rubbish to download it) so if someone could screenshot the file picker in that, that would be helpful!

It may be that the LO snap needs more permissions or snappy needs some fundamental change to ensure feature-parity but whatever is necessary should be done so this works the same as the Deb (and other packages) out-of-the-box. Imho.

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I’ll log the bugs, I am using adwaita for icons.

Here they are @oSoMoN:

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Added the [snap] tag to the bug titles since the tracker is also (mostly?) used for the Deb so it makes it more explicit that these are snap-specific bugs (should this be standard practice or no? I’m guessing we’re going to have more reports on Launchpad with new Canonical-supported snaps making their way to the store… Is just having the snap tag (not in the title) enough to make it clear that the bus is snap-specific and does that avoid confusion enough? Olivier and I have put [snap] in all the LO snap bug titles so far…)

Thanks for the initiative @Ads20000, that’s indeed more explicit like that.

Thanks for the bugs @sergiusens. Looking into them.

On my artful machine, here is what the open dialog looks like from the deb package:

And on the same machine, the open dialog from the snap:

Not exactly the same, but similar enough that users shouldn’t be too confused.
This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to replicate the exact deb experience, but this will probably get low priority. In any case, your attention to detail is very much appreciated @Ads20000!

Hmmm that’s strange, as you can see I’m missing a lot of Files links on the left of mine, maybe it’s fixed in Artful somehow but I don’t have a VM for that atm (and I don’t have the Internet speed to download one) to see if that’s the reason why it’s working for you